Split System Planning & Installation

If you are after a versatile and cost-effective solution to both cool and heat an area in your Melbourne home, then a Split System may be the right choice for you.

Split Systems are by far the best choice when you want to adjust temperatures either heating or Cooling in individual areas of your home, be it a bedroom or living kitchen areas.They are a far more economical way of conditioning your home temperature if you spend most of your time in one area. They are most commonly used in apartments and Melbourne houses conditioning bedrooms or living areas.

We make sure that it’s right for you

There are many factors to consider when picking a split system for your home,If you’re not sure which split system is right for your home don’t worry, Airfit have you covered.Our staff are dedicated to helping you pick the correct split system to suit your needs.

Split system air conditioning systems get their name from a conventional all in one air conditioner being split in half. Therefore half the system (outdoor unit/condenser) being installed outside while the other half (indoor unit/fan coil) being installed inside.


When the system is on cooling, the energy in the warm air from inside the room is taken in by the fan coil and removed outside by the condenser, resulting in cool air recirculating back into the house. While a reverse cycle system allows for the heat pump to run in reverse to provide heating during winter.


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